Friday, December 14, 2012

Wh- Questions Bingo

Wow! It's been a crazy 2 weeks! My students love the Categories and Vocalic /r/ Bingo so I decided to create a Wh- Questions Bingo.  I am constantly looking for materials with wh- questions.  The students had so much fun playing.  The Wh- Questions Bingo allowed me to acquire a lot of data too! This download includes 4 game boards and 3 pages of bingo chips.  Each bingo board has twenty-four wh- questions. 

Step 1: Print and laminate Bingo Cards and Bingo Chips.
Step 2: Print an extra bingo card. Laminate and cut out each wh- question from this card. 
Step 3: Put the cut out wh- questions in a ziplock bag. 
Step 3: Cut out each Bingo Chips.
Step 4: Start by giving each student a Bingo Card and 10 Bingo Chips.
Step 5: Pull the first wh- question out of the ziplock bag
Step 6: Have each student give you 1 answer.
Step 7:  The 1st student to get 5 in a row WINS!

Wh- Questions Bingo is available on my TPT page! Click Here!

I would love to hear what you think! What other Bingo boards would you like me to create....more arctic?!? Hope you have fun playing BINGO with your kiddies! : )