Monday, November 26, 2012

Vocalic /R/ Bingo

Producing vocalic /r/ sounds are extremely difficult for my speech students.  I decided to create a Vocalic /R/ Bingo game to help motivate my students to produce the sounds correctly.  The Bingo game targets ALL vocalic /r/ sounds.  It was a BIG hit! My students loved the game and I think it helped them remember to place their articulators in the correct place. This download includes 4 game boards and 3 pages of bingo chips.  Each bingo board has twenty-four vocalic /r/ words. 

Vocalic /R/ Bingo is available on my TPT page! Click Here!  

Hope you have a BLAST playing Vocalic /R/ Bingo with your students! Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions of other games for vocalic /r/ sounds. 

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