Saturday, October 27, 2012

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BINGO! It's time to play everyone's favorite game! My students have so much fun playing Bingo! I'm always creating new Bingo game boards.  The students LOVE yelling "BINGO" when they get 5 in a row. This download includes 4 game boards and 3 pages of bingo chips. Each bingo board has twenty-four categories. Make working on your student's categorical skills fun with this bingo game!

Step 1: Print and laminate Bingo Cards and Bingo Chips.
Step 2: Print an extra bingo card. Laminate and cut out each category from this card. 
Step 3: Put the cut out categories in a ziplock bag. 
Step 3: Cut out each Bingo Chips.
Step 4: Start by giving each student a Bingo Card and 10 Bingo Chips.
Step 5: Pull the first category out of the ziplock bag
Step 6: Have each student give you 1 answer.
Step 7:  The 1st student to get 5 in a row WINS!

This download is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers page!
Have fun playing this game with your students!! Do you like the new activity? Please commit and let me know what you think! Happy Saturday! : )

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